Quitte le Pouvoir (WADE, GET OUT!) is a documentary film (2014 | 36′) with subtle animations. When a group of young rappers from Dakar, Senegal, join forces through their music to create a revolt, the presidential elections get a surprising turn. By using animations over the live action footage, the dark atmosphere of the tension hanging over the city is subtly highlighted.

Aida Grovestins (director, producer), Machteld Aardse (drawings for animations, producer), Hanneke van der Linden (animations), Cheikh Diarra (title song, narrator), Julien Grossmann (music), Allard Detiger (montage), Aart Jan van der Linden (pre-montage)

In this film we follow a couple of rap artists from the social protest movement Y’en a marre (‘Fed Up’) from Dakar’s inner city, who faced with their president clinging to power, bring an unprecedented popular rebellion to the streets.

Shot over the course of three months, the film shows how Y’en a marre manage to mobilise the Senegalese public ahead of the elections, using rap music, hip hop anthems, non-violent demonstrations and civic forums where people brainstorm solutions to issues they have. The rap activists, as they are propelled to lead a popular protest, have to reflect on the challenges and benefits of using non-violence in an increasingly violent environment. Up till the end the rappers keep on mobilising and sensitising people in the streets to use their voting card as their weapon to protect their democracy.

Y’en a marre inspired other young people in West Africa to create comparable pacifist, civic movements. All to avoid the violent scenario of the Arab Spring.

The film is crowdfunded through Cinecrowd, IndieGoGo, and financially supported by The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), Webster University Leiden NL/ St.Louis USA

Stichting DOEN made it possible for the rappers of Y’en a marre to be present at the premiere of the film in the Netherlands

Producers: Aida Grovestins, Machteld Aardse; Trailer editor: Joffrey van der Vliet – Frontdoor